High-precision module for programmable DC power supplies

23-10-2020 | Magna Power | Power

Magna-Power Electronics has launched the DBx Module for its MagnaDC programmable DC power supplies, providing ultra-high performance to almost all models and product series, from 1.5kW to 3,000kW. The module, together with MagnaDC power supplies, provide ultra-high stability, high precision, low ripple, and high accuracy, with current, voltage, and power control modes. Systems utilising the module can span voltage ranges from 0-10VDC to 0-1,000VDC and current levels up to 6,000ADC. When the module is combined with MagnaDC programmable power supplies, the combined system attains up to 10x reduction in ripple, 24-bit readback resolution, and less than 5ppm stability in voltage or current-mode control.

The module offers a wide range of magnet power supply solutions for high-energy physics and medical applications, incorporating driving dipole, quadrupole, and steering magnets for particle accelerators, giving high accuracy and low ripple for high-power ATE calibration applications, or other high-power applications needing particularly low-noise power supplies where usage of a linear power supply is not practical or desired.

The new module was designed from the ground up by the company’s R&D and product development team, incorporating the company’s new distributed DSP digital control platform, expertise in analog and magnetic design, together with thermal and mechanical design and fabrication.

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