High-performance bidirectional buck-boost and dual-phase buck DC-DC controllers

26-10-2020 | Renesas | Power

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released a pair of innovative 80V DC-DC controllers that support the extra voltage margin required for data centre servers, 48V telecom and rugged industrial equipment.

The ISL81801 buck-boost controller acts as a 'UPS on a chip' by allowing bidirectional current flow (forward or reverse) employing constant-voltage and constant-current regulation. This enables a battery or supercapacitor to be charged and discharged utilising a single controller and power path. The device’s combination of the industry’s highest 80V buck-boost switching frequency (600kHz) and smallest package (5mm x 5mm) allows designers to create ultra-compact, high-density power solutions. The device's wide 4.5V to 80V range is excellent for many common applications, including 48V motor drives, industrial battery backup systems, telecom, and solar power.

“The new 80V ISL81801 joins the popular 60V ISL81601 and 40V ISL81401 bidirectional buck-boost controllers that team with our industry-leading MCUs, power and analog portfolio, offering customers a family of choices for optimising battery health and power use,” said Philip Chesley, vice president of the Industrial and Communications Business Division at Renesas. “Leveraging Renesas’ proprietary modulation scheme and algorithms allows the highly integrated ISL81801 and ISL81802 to achieve the highest reliability performance, and the ability to react quickly to transient loads with a minimum number of BOM components.”

By Natasha Shek