Full metal body proximity sensors offer easy installation

13-10-2020 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

The Omron Electronics E2EW series welding proximity sensors have DC three-wire model and M18 thread size. The proximity sensor, available now from RS Components, offers equivalent sensing distances for both iron and aluminium. This means that a common design can be employed to detect the siting of both iron and aluminium workpieces in welding processes. It also provides exceptional sensing range, which indicates fewer false detections and thereby fewer unexpected stoppages. The device is provided with a function, which effectively cancels pulse noise of current magnetic field generated during welding.

The sensors can detect both iron and aluminium from equally long distances. This longer detection margin signifies less false detections, even if workpieces are moved from their intended sitting positions. Furthermore, the sensors’ installation distances do not need to be strictly adjusted, making them easy for anyone to install.

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