Connectors suit applications with restricted space and offer high protection levels

09-10-2020 | Binder | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Newly developed products, available from Binder are its NCC Connectors, targeting the growing demand for suitable, reliable circular connectors in many applications, including lighting and test and measurement instrumentation. The Series 670 are five-pin subminiature connectors with a bayonet closure and a cable bushing from 3.5 to 5mm. The flange-type socket is offered with soldered and dip-soldered contacts. The main feature of these connectors is that the contacts are fully protected against water, dirt and penetration by foreign objects when not connected. The NCC (Not Connected Closed) connectors employ a spring cover to protect the contacts even when disconnected.

With the system, the series protects to IP 54 when unconnected. When the subminiature connector is connected, the level of protection rises to IP 67. The core function of the device is to keep the contacts free from environmental effects and is also characterised by its high durability.

Sascha Döbel, product manager at Binder, explains, “Our NCC subminiature connectors are designed for more than 1000 mating cycles. With this flexibility and long life combined with the additional characteristics of the Series 670, we put the focus on the increasing demands of a growing group of users.”

As well as the key feature of environmental protection, the series plastic socket offers high resistance to vibration and shock loads. The product is also resistant to heat and cold with an operating temperature range from -25C to +85C. The company offers connector housings in different colours which are ideal for those applications where identification and organisation are important.

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