Space-saving high-frequency inductors with polarity marking

23-09-2020 | Wurth | Passives

Cost-effective RF coils incorporated into a multilayer ceramic structure — with WE-MK, Würth Elektronik provides a broad range of SMT inductors with high self-resonant frequency (up to fRES >10GHz). The inductors are available in three different sizes – 0201, 0402 and 0603 – as well as different inductance values from 1nH up to 470nH.

The inductors provide very stable inductance over the whole operating temperature range from -55C to +125C with inductance tolerances of ±5% or ±0.3nH (depending on inductance value, higher inductance values are percentage-based). The inductance is appropriate for various high-frequency circuit types and is the preferred component for the matching of antennas, for example. Here the company provides developers special support with an antenna matching service.

The product's components have polarity markings. This information enables a reduction in the mutual coupling between inductors placed close together.

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