Sealed subminiature snap-acting switch for highly reliable actuation

02-09-2020 | C&K Components | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

C&K has launched a sealed, silent, subminiature, snap-acting switch series that allows precise actuation in automotive applications. The compact ZMW Series snap-acting switch joins a long stroke with more than 2mm of over travel for reliable actuation. The series is employed in rugged environments including industrial, automotive, white good and other applications.

The series has a twin sliding contact design that stops contaminants from penetrating the switch, which could affect the performance and operating life. The sliding contact design ensures long-term reliability and operation of up to 500,000 cycles.

Offered in pin plunger and lever, and terminals and wire harness versions, the series provides design flexibility and makes integration into customer designs simple. Full IP67 protection is provided when potted with wire version and IP67 for standalone switch except for the metal terminal part.

"C&K continues to expand our snap switch product offering to meet customer requests. The ZMW Series is the latest addition to the snap switch family. The switch features silent actuation, long travel and long-term operation, all in a miniature package," said Jeffrey Phan, global product manager at C&K.

The series is generally designed into vehicle door and latch detection applications, industrial pumps, oil and gas pumps, and home appliances such as stoves, HVAC and washing machines.

The series provides an operating temperature of -40C to 85C for signal current application.

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