RF gain block amplifier provides a high-performance solution

21-09-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Texas Instruments LMH9126 RF Gain Block Amplifier, available now from Mouser, is high-performance, single-channel, differential input to single-ended output transmit RF gain block amplifier that supports 2.6GHz centre frequency band. The device supports necessities for the next generation 5G AAS or small cell applications while pushing the input of a power amplifier. The amplifier delivers 18dB typical gain with good linearity performance of 35dBm output IP3 while carrying less than 4dB noise figure over the entire 1dB bandwidth. The device is internally matched for 100Ohm differential input impedance supplying an easy interface with an RF-sampling or Zero-IF AFE at the input. Also, the device is internally matched for 50Ohm single-ended output impedance needed for easy interface with a post-amplifier, SAW filter or PA.

Operating on a sole 3.3V supply, the device uses only 375mW of active power, making it ideal for high-density 5G massive MIMO applications. Also, the device is offered in a space-saving 2mm x 2mm, 12-pin QFN package. The device is rated for an operating temperature of up to 105C to give a robust system design. There is a 1.8V JEDEC compliant power-down pin provided for fast power down and power up of the device suitable for TDD systems.

Typical applications include differential DAC output driver for GSPS DACs, differential to single-ended conversions, balun alternatives, small cell or m-MIMO base stations, 5G AAS, and wireless cellular base stations.

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