New ultra-compact magnetics solutions save space

02-09-2020 | Data Device Corporation | Power

Data Device Corporation has released two new ultra-compact 1553 magnetics components that offer size and weight savings, allowing minimised package design and optimised system connectivity.

The new ULP series 1553 isolation transformers are claimed to be the world’s smallest single-channel isolation devices, offering a 46% smaller size with 32% less weight than what was previously offered. This accomplishment allows LRU box manufacturers to fit these isolation transformers near edge connectors for added efficient data transmission and package design.

The new DBM series data bus couplers use what is claimed to be the world’s smallest coupler housing body, at 1.1" (27.9 mm) L x 0.31" (7.9 mm) H, allowing more compact packaging with better flexibility options for integrating harness assemblies with LRU’s on the aircraft, giving optimised system connectivity.

“We often hear from OEM customers of a need for components that are smaller and lighter. To meet this need we developed these ultra-miniature transformers and couplers, enabling critical space and weight savings in both retrofit and new platform developments," said Estro Vitantonio, business unit manager for the DDC Magnetics Group.

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