Global distribution agreement for embedded vision modules and products

18-09-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Subs & Systems

Mouser has signed a global distribution agreement with FRAMOS to provide its sensor modules and processor adaptor products. Through the FRAMOS Ecosystem’s extended portfolio of sensor modules, adapters and accessories, and development kits, vision engineers and developers are able to evaluate and integrate multiple different image sensors on open processor platforms, swiftly create proofs-of-concept, and systematically design them further for their exact needs.

The company's Sensor Modules (FSM) enable customers to seamlessly plug the latest image sensor technology into common processing platforms via the usage of a completely modular design that depends on standardised connectors and mechanicals. The line up offers a comprehensive range with resolutions from 0.4MP to 24MP that comes with rolling and global shutter options. These small modules are offered in a 26.5mm x 26.5mm form factor and include native MIPI CSI-2 sensors.

The company's adapters and accessories contain all the necessary periphery to operate the sensor and transmit and convert its signals into the formats required by the processor development boards.

The company's sensor module development kits support up to four FSMs simultaneously. They include pre-assembled FSM/FSAs with a lens mount and M12 lens, tripod adapter, and all the essential adapters for interfacing to the NVIDIA Jetson hardware products and other third-party development boards.

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