Connector jumpers and assemblies work with standard 25 and 51 position stacking connectors

21-09-2020 | Cinch | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Cinch Connectivity Solutions now offer CIN::APSE Stacking Connector Jumpers and Assemblies, that work together with standard 25 and 51 position stacking connectors and hardware and are available immediately through our distribution network.

The company's technology was developed for satellite programs and is approved by NASA TRL 9. The solution is presently employed across many defence platforms and ideal for smart munitions, radar, satellite, and controller applications. At the heart of the technology is compression contacts that offer multiple solderless points of contact to gold plated PCB pads. These new jumpers are short flexible PCBs created to mate directly to a PCB mounted CIN::APSE stacking connector. The Stacking Hardware maintains a planar compressive force between the jumper, the connector, and the PCB. The Stacking System decreases cost and eases rework, where many applications use rigid-flex-rigid designs that are complex, costly, and not suitable for rework.

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