Bluetooth-enabled wrenches for faster and more precise tightening

18-09-2020 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

RS Components now stocks the FACOM E.516ST range of Smart Torque Wrenches for better precision and safety in crucial fastening applications. The digital tools employ Bluetooth connectivity, allowing fast and accurate torque tightening and a transparent audit trail over an assortment of workshop and maintenance applications.

The wrenches can be paired to any mobile device in seconds due to a dedicated FACOM app. Torque values can be logged into the tool through the app, allowing users to complete all required tightening adjustments quickly and accurately. To hasten the process further, favourites can be recalled from the app database for frequent tasks where needed torque values are replicated throughout the day.

Another key feature is the haptic sensory warning that emits through the handle whenever a user is approaching the needed torque level. A positive audible and tactile ‘click’ then informs the user when the maximum permitted torque is attained, lowering the risk of over-torque.

Full traceability is another key advantage that the range brings to users. All values entered in the day are recorded and synced through the FACOM app database, rendering a log of tightening tasks with corresponding applied torque figures. In this way, garage, workshop, or production managers can rely on accurate activity analysis and a dependable audit of the work completed for the end customer.

The wrench is excellent for an assortment of applications including fastening of cylinder head nuts, vehicle, railway maintenance, aviation parts production, and industrial repair in workshops and small-to-medium production lines.

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