Anti-vibration server memory for defence applications

17-09-2020 | Apacer | Semiconductors

Apacer has successfully developed what is claimed to be the world's first anti-vibration server memory for defence applications. It’s called XR-LRDIMM (Extreme Rugged Load-Reduced DIMM), and it offers greatly strengthened shock and vibration resistance and reliability. Due to its high-end customisation strength and deep industry experience, the company has a comprehensive range of rugged memory, leading the industry by releasing a series of anti-vibration products such as XR-LRDIMM, XR-DIMM and Rugged SODIMM. Apacer is committed to providing a variety of choices for aerospace, defence and industrial markets that value stability and reliability, and will continue to expand and strengthen its market share in rugged solutions.

The company's product is currently claimed to be the only extremely rugged server memory module with anti-vibration and anti-shock performance on the market. In the past, server systems employed in the environments of defence aircraft, naval vessels and armoured vehicles had to resist severe shaking or strong impacts for extended periods. Choices were limited to conventional standard server memory, which was insufficient and unsuitable. The result was that the stability and reliability of key data transmission were frequently in a high-risk state. The new memory provides a load-reduced server system, which can offer a niche industrial memory solution with shock resistance, stability and durability for servers that suffer from abnormal operation, data loss or component failure due to vibration.

Adopting a load-reduced server memory design, the memory can effectively lessen bus load and enhance performance while overcoming different external shock and vibration tests in harsh environments to satisfy the operational needs of long-term stability that high-end defence systems demand. Also, the product supports multiple protection technologies, including Anti-Sulfuration, Underfill, and Conformal Coating, demonstrating the company's extensive expertise in customisation.

By Natasha Shek