Smart display modules offer an array of functionality and options

07-08-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Subs & Systems

4D Systems pixxILCD Smart Display Modules, available now from Mouser, are a new collection of embedded graphics displays. These modules provide a series of compact intelligent display modules with an array of options and functionality to add a full-colour HMI into an application.

The modules are powered by configurable PIXXI-28 or PIXXI-44 graphics processors with 100% compatible displays. These processors provide multiple functions such as touch detection, microSD or serial flash memory storage, ADC, GPIO, multiple millisecond resolution timers, UART, and I2C communication. The displays offer a standard 15-way, 0.5mm pitch ZIF socket interface that carries the UART, I/O, I2C, power, and reset signals to/from the display.

Typical applications include smart home automation display panels, general-purpose low-cost embedded graphics, and GPS/sat-nav systems.

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