Rugged connectors for food and beverage and automotive vehicles

24-08-2020 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Ruggedly designed to offer infrastructure solutions for harsh-duty manufacturing environments, Molex’s range of Brad connectivity products, available now from TTI Europe, offer solutions for industries including food and beverage, material handling, automotive and commercial vehicles.

Brad Micro-Change (M12) connectors are created to withstand harsh-industrial and weather environments with an excellent quality that ensures reliable connections for control elements in automated equipment. Brad Nano-Change connectors provide a small, compact M8 design that makes these connectors ideal for applications needing a sealed connector in tight spaces.

The Micro-Change (M12) connectors are suitable for commercial vehicles, construction and mining equipment, sensors; automated assembly equipment, conveyor systems, material handling, packaging equipment, and pick-and-place robots; machine lighting, standard industrial lighting; and C4ISR, ground vehicle networks, shelter applications.

The Brad Nano-Change (M8) connectors are suitable for industrial I/O connections, material handling, pharmaceutical manufacturing, robotic systems, and semiconductor applications.

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