New charger reference design available as demand for GaN chargers grows

07-08-2020 | GaN Systems | Power

GaN Systems has released a new reference design for a high-power density 65W QR charger aimed at the consumer electronics market, such as mobile phone and laptop computer applications. The reference design includes an operating charger and design documentation – giving a complete and simple to implement a solution that helps customers to accelerate product development, roll out, and commercialisation.

The reference design makes it simple for power system designers to produce industry-leading, high performance charging solutions. Customers will profit from fewer redesigns, fewer PCB respins, and fewer trips to the lab for testing. The reduction in development time allows companies to expedite the time to market for new products.

“Smaller, lighter, and higher power are all features that are shifting from ‘want’ to ‘need’ in the consumer electronics markets, and the rapid adoption of GaN is an indication of that shift,” said Larry Spaziani, GaN Systems’ vice president of Global Sales. “This reference design is another great addition to our tools library, and the customer feedback confirms it.”

By Natasha Shek