Miniature sensors for the intelligent spindle design

27-08-2020 | Baumer | Test & Measurement

Baumer provides a high-performance portfolio of miniature sensors for the intelligent design of effective spindle solutions. This can either include a classic design with three switching sensors or a smart design with just one measurement sensor.

Tool change in fully automated processing centres, from removal until the insertion of the new tool in the spindle, takes shorter than a second. To deliver maximum system effectiveness, this process must function with the ultimate reliability.

In drive and clamping solutions, the sensor technology is combined into the motor spindle. Given this confined space, the sensors must be as small as possible, yet extremely powerful – characteristics found in the sensors from the company. The manufacturer provides what is claimed to be the market’s largest portfolio of miniature and sub-miniature inductive sensors with micrometre measuring accuracy. One example is the inductive proximity sensor IFRM 03 with a diameter of just 3mm. It is offered in multiple lengths, starting at only 12mm. Yet its miniature housing comprises the complete evaluation electronics that are responsible for the high-repeatability switching points and the precise analog measurement values. Also, these industrial-grade sensors are robust, EMC-stable, and comply with the protection class IP 67. These sensors remain unaltered by heat, oily environments, and vibrations that frequently occur in tooling machines.

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