Miniature filters protect electronic equipment from interference

26-08-2020 | New Yorker Electronics | Passives

New Yorker Electronics now supplies two series of Exxelia Technologies Multilayer Ceramic Discoidal Capacitors employed for power supply and digital signalling. The FC030 is feedthrough mounted on shielding enclosures, and the FCM030 series is intended to stop EMI on PCBs.

These low-pass filter solutions are typically employed for EMI suppression in electronics systems in avionics, defence, medical, aerospace and other crucial applications. Several ranges of miniature filters with different low-pass configuration (C, L, Pi, T, 2xPi, 2xL and 2xT) have been developed, mainly meant to protect electronic equipment from interferences.

This filter in a shielding case gives a good metallic package, therefore, securing high shielding performances with attenuation up to 10GHz. Among the available options are steel, glass sealing or Kovar package utilising tin, silver or gold plating treatments to resist any thermally or mechanically challenged application.

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