Highest-density EEPROM memory device provides flexibility and reliability

27-08-2020 | Microchip Technology | Semiconductors

Microchip Technology has released its new, highest-density EEPROM – the 25CSM04. At 4Mbit, the new EEPROM becomes the largest EEPROM accessible to developers, doubling the 2Mbit density designers were previously limited to. Until now developers have utilised lower-cost NOR Flash ICs for any 2Mbit+ non-volatile data set application. Because EEPROM provides performance advantages over NOR Flash, the company has responded to customer requests by introducing a larger 4Mbit EEPROM. EEPROM advantages incorporate a lower standby current (2µA vs 15µA); the ability to offer single-byte, multi-byte, and full-page writes; shorter sector erase/rewrite times (5ms vs 300ms), and more erase/rewrite cycles (1M vs 100K).

“Pushing the top end of what is possible with serial EEPROM supports product innovation,” said Randy Drwinga, vice president of Microchip’s memory products division. “Designers can now reevaluate their systems and leverage this new technology to optimise design performance.”

The device becomes part of the company's extensive non-volatile memory product portfolio that integrates within its total system solutions built around its 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit microcontrollers and microprocessors. The company's extensive memory product family comprises serial EEPROMs, NOR Flash, SRAM, and EERAM in all standard serial buses and all standard densities from 128-bit to 64 Mbit.

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