High voltage evaluation platform for automotive applications

26-08-2020 | Arrow | Automotive & Transport

Arrow Electronics has launched the Automotive High Voltage Evaluation Platform (AHVEP), giving developers a wide range of tools with which to examine the latest trends in electrification of vehicles. It gives a universal platform for applications and design challenges allied to a high voltage (48V/400V) power distribution network in cars.

The platform meets several new challenges. As the change from combustion engines to EVs and HEVs accelerates, designers face a large number of newly emerging demands including battery disconnect switches, battery junction boxes, battery management controllers, cell balancing modules, DC-DC conversion, on-board charging, superchargers, traction inverters, HVAC and supercapacitors. In addition to these can be added challenges including the isolation of communications, motor control, power management, load switches and current sensing; and assuring safety and security in the new, electrically controlled environment.

Highlighting a high-performance automotive microcontroller with Arm Cortex-M4F core, the platform uses a modular design that enables 12V, 48V and 400V circuits to be evaluated independently. It is ideal for applications including 400V motor control, 48V BLDC motor control, 48V battery disconnect, isolated current sensors and body applications up to ASIL-B.

“Arrow’s AHVEP offers automotive developers a powerful tool with extensive capabilities,” said Michael Stoever, Arrow’s sales director for automotive in the EMEA region. “Vehicle powertrain electrification is the key industry trend currently, and this evaluation platform is able to address all levels of application, from 48V mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, right up to 400V EVs.”

By Natasha Shek