First time and frequency instrument has embedded GPS M-code receiver

03-08-2020 | Microchip Technology | Test & Measurement

Threats from intentional jamming and spoofing of US GPS signals, as well as cybersecurity risks to critical infrastructure, confirm the demand for powerful and secure time and frequency systems that guarantee continuing operability and performance.

Microchip Technology has announced that its SyncServer S650 M-Code time server has obtained approval from the US Air Force GPS Directorate of the Los Angeles Air Force Base for employment in support of defence communication systems, radars and networks.

M-Code, an encrypted defence signal broadcasted in GPS frequency bands, is needed by congressional mandate for mission-critical DoD applications in hostile environments. The company's device-equipped time and frequency server offers a secure, accurate, flexible platform for synchronising mission-critical electronic systems and instrumentation. For DoD programs demanding jam-resistant, encrypted time and frequency signals from the GPS military M-Code PPS, the device is a secure time and frequency instrument with a completely integrated M-code GPS receiver.

“As the first time and frequency instrument enabling DoD compliance for M-Code-based GPS systems, this technology demonstrates Microchip’s continuing commitment and investment in the security of time and frequency systems,” said Randy Brudzinski, vice president, Frequency and Timing Solutions business unit. “This time server represents a new level of security hardening built on Microchip’s proven commercial SyncServer S650 time server that provides extreme timing accuracy, security and flexibility.”

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