Digital inclinometer offers high accuracy for inclination measurement applications

04-08-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

STMicroelectronics IIS2ICLX 2-Axis Digital Inclinometer provides high-accuracy, low-power, two-axis linear accelerometer with digital output. The high accuracy, stability over temperature, and repeatability make the device suited for inclination measurement applications.

The inclinometer offers a selectable full scale of ±0.5/±1/±2/±3g and can implement the measured accelerations to the application, over an I²C or SPI digital interface. The sensing element is constructed employing a dedicated micromachining process. This is produced by the company to create inertial sensors and actuators on silicon wafers. The IC interface is built using a CMOS process that provides a high level of integration. This is to produce a dedicated circuit which is trimmed to thoroughly resemble the characteristics of the sensing element.

The device provides embedded features including programmable FSM, Machine Learning Core, sensor hub, FIFO, event decoding, and interrupts. These are enablers for delivering smart and complex sensor nodes, which produce high accuracy and performance at very low power.

The device operates within a temperature range of -40C to +105C and is provided in a high-performance (low-stress) ceramic cavity land grid array (CC LGA) package.

Typical applications include precision inclinometers, antenna pointing and platform levelling, structural health monitoring, precise levelling instruments, installation and monitoring of equipment, and robotics and industrial automation.

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