Compact contactors enables up to 40% space savings

05-08-2020 | RS Components | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

RS Components now stocks Eaton’s complete Moeller series of compact DILMT contactors.

Easy to integrate in a mixture of industrial machines and systems, the contactors allow space savings of up to 40%, indicating greater flexibility in design and decreased costs. When placed in a machine’s control panel, five devices only use approximately the same space as three conventional contactors.

Offered in four compact sizes, the contactors cover the current range from 7A to 95A and can be employed to either start motors up to 45kW or to switch industrial loads. They are an excellent fit for non-motorised (AC-1) applications and, coupled with a directly-mounted ZBT overload relay, they are also excellent to switch and protect, asynchronous machines (AC3). Durable and reliable, these contactors claim an extended service life of up to 1,500,000 cycles.

The contactors are currently offered in widths of 27mm, 36mm, 55mm, and 72mm and current ranges of 12A, 32A, 65A, and 95A.

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