Camera reference design for 4K video security and surveillance applications

05-08-2020 | Renesas | New Technologies

Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced a UHD surveillance camera reference design to meet today’s high-accuracy object detection and recognition demands for video security and surveillance systems. Developed with Novatek Microelectronics Corporation and designed by Systemtec Corporation, the reference design comprises a CIS board with PDAF and a high-performance ISP board along with autofocus zoom lens software.

The reference design offers 4K resolution, superior colour imaging and better recognition accuracy of objects, as well as small objects in low-light conditions. Its excellent high-speed autofocus operation can also be realised with low-priced lenses. This features combination enables Systemtec to provide customers with a high-performance 4K video security camera reference design and software that assists to shorten development time, building a camera system with fast autofocus and enhanced imaging performance.

“An ever-increasing demand for security and surveillance camera systems drives the need for better object detection and recognition capabilities with higher imaging accuracy,” said DK Singh, director, Systems and Solutions Team at Renesas. “Our surveillance camera with 4K resolution and PDAF function can deliver much faster autofocus results compared with conventional contrast-detection autofocus. We are excited that our close collaboration with Novatek and Systemtec makes this surveillance system reference design more accessible for customers worldwide.”

By Natasha Shek