Blue laser diodes are ideal for laser projections and much more

18-08-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Lighting Technologies

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors PLPT5 Blue Laser Diodes, available now from Mouser, are multi-mode operating semiconductor laser diodes with a typical wavelength of 447nm. These products are an efficient radiation source for continuous-wave and pulse operation. The blue laser diodes provide high modulation bandwidth and emit highly concentrated visible light that can be dangerous to the human eye. The products that include these devices must follow the safety precautions found in IEC 60825 'Safety of laser products'.

The product provides 1.6W optical output power at Tcase 25C (PLPT5 447KA), and 2.2W optical output power at Tcase 25C (PLPT5 450KA). The typical operating temperature range covers -20C to 85C. The device's polarisation ratio TE/TM mode is 100:1.

Typical applications include laser projections, laser shows, stage lighting, electronic equipment, endoscopy, illumination, and metrology.

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