Anti-bacterial film suitable for any touch screen displays

28-08-2020 | Display Technology | Subs & Systems

Display Technology Ltd now offer an anti-bacterial solution for public touch systems. GermBlok is a new type of anti-bacterial film providing a nano-silver anti-bacterial solution from Apex Material Technology Corp. It has been tested with the JIS Z2801 method using E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus producing an anti-bacterial value of R≧2 (99.99%).

Nano-silver is particularly useful as an antibacterial because as the silver surface area grows, contact with bacteria cells is also increased, which enhances bacterial inhibition. Bacteria are a simple organism with a cell wall and cell membrane and that are either gram-positive or gram-negative depending on the composition of the cell wall. Silver ions are effective against these bacteria types and work by penetrating the glycoprotein structure of the bacterial cell wall. Bacteria need protease for metabolism and reproduction, and silver ions experience a chemical reaction with Sulfhydryl, denaturing protein, rendering it inactive and incapable of reproducing, and causing cell death. Theoretically, silver ions will return to silver atoms upon the destruction of the bacterial cell and proceed to remain on the surface of GermBlok film and maintaining anti-bacterial efficacy.

The advantage of the film is that it has a thickness of 155um with a better than 90% transparency and has a comparatively small effect on LCD picture quality. The product backing adhesive is silicone-based so is simple to apply, resists bubbling, and seals well. If customers need to replace the film, the residue does not remain after removal. The film is available in sizes up to 32”.

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