Versatile range of relay, transistor and I/O modules controls wide variety of tasksVersatile range of relay, transistor and I/O modules controls wide variety of tasks

23-07-2020 | RS Components | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

RS Components now offers easyE4, a new range of logic control modules from Eaton. easyE4 provides a variety of controller base units and I/O expansion modules that speed up and simplify the construction of control systems for automotive, building, industrial, environmental, maritime and lighting applications.

A single base unit can control a broad assortment of tasks — including logic, timer relay and counter, time switch, arithmetic, PID controller, operating and display functions — through up to eight integrated digital and/or analogue inputs and four relay or transistor outputs. More inputs and outputs can be added through up to 11 plug-in expansion modules per base unit, providing a possible total of up to 188 inputs and outputs.

The controller base units provide Ethernet and .NET interfaces that enable up to eight devices to communicate directly. Modules can work in parallel in up to ten clusters; an Eaton XC300 PLC can be employed as a central master control system for all E4 devices through the Modbus TCP protocol. IIoT integration facilitates data transfers to the cloud.

easyE4 is programmed using Eaton’s EasySoft version 7 software, featuring easy navigation menus, circuit diagram input and editing in a choice of formats, along with integrated offline simulation.

The range offers combinations of AC, DC and UC connections at 12/24VDC, 24VAC and 100–240VAC, with 12–24VDC operating voltage.

The company provides three starter kits offering a base unit (100–240VAC/DC relay, 24VAC/DC UC relay or 24VDC transistor) along with a patch cable and EasySoft v7 licence.

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