UVC LEDs offer an extremely long lifetime

09-07-2020 | TTI Europe | Lighting Technologies

Vishay's new ceramic low and mid-power ultraviolet (UVC) VLMU35C.20-275-120 emitting diodes are ideal for sterilisation, sanitation, and purification applications. The devices are available now from TTI Europe. The LEDs deliver an extremely long lifetime in a compact 3.45mm x 3.45mm x 1.38mm or 1.78mm surface-mount package.

Created to replace mercury UVC lamps, the devices provide an emission angle of ±60-degrees and radiant power up to 19mW at 150mA without the necessity for an external lens. Built on AlGaN technology, the LEDs feature forward current up to 200mA, forward voltage down to 5V, with a wavelength range of 265nm to 285nm.

The emitter diode’s specifications make it excellent for static water purification, physical surface sterilisation, medical disinfection, and portable sanitisers.

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