Switching regulators offer high efficiency of up to 96%

29-07-2020 | RS Components | Power

The RS Components own brand RS PRO K78 range of switching regulators, is a series of wide input voltage non-isolated and regulated single output converters. These switching regulators are high-quality direct replacements for the LM78 series three-terminal linear regulators, with an added benefit of being able to produce load conversions for greater flexibility.

These regulated converters offer a low ripple and standby power consumption, making them extremely efficient to operate at full load with no need for a heat sink, and making them excellent for employment in instrumentation, IoT and a wide variety of battery-powered applications.

These switching regulators are regularly used in computers and laptops, mobile phones, games consoles, digital cameras, and power supplies. The devices are EN62368 approved and CE certified with a three-year warranty.

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