Spot thermal cameras offer improved diagnosis for maintenance

16-07-2020 | FLIR Systems | Test & Measurement

FLIR Systems has released the TG165-X MSX Thermal Camera targeted at machine technicians, electrical contractors, home inspectors, facilities maintenance engineers, and HVAC professionals. Created for difficult work environments, this upgrade to the TG165 offers an all-in-one diagnostics tool with a spot temperature gun and thermal imager, enhanced by the company's patented Multi-spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX).

"With the addition of MSX, the TG165-X offers improved identification of hot spots that indicate electrical or mechanical failures, and the cold spots that indicate water or air leaks," said Rickard Lindvall, general manager, Solutions at FLIR Systems. "Further, the TG165-X visually guides professionals to the source of common system failures so they can diagnose the problem and begin repairs more quickly."

Built around a true thermal 80 x 60 camera sensor with 4,800 pixels, the device's two-camera technology makes images simpler to understand by adding visual details to full thermal images and making them sharper to identify physical features. A new laser-projected bullseye target assists in pinpointing areas of concern, while the bright 2.4" LCD colour display and wide 51 degrees x 66 degrees field-of-view offer a complete view of the area of interest.

The device includes an IP54 enclosure for protection against water and dust, together with a drop-rating of 2m (6.6'), making it excellent for both indoor and outdoor inspections. The camera can store up to 50,000 images and data to an embedded 4GB flash memory which can be downloaded to FLIR Tools to produce professional reports.

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