Rugged and high-performance half-bridge MOSFET drivers

02-07-2020 | Renesas | Power

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched the HIP2211 and HIP2210, which are new 100V half-bridge MOSFET drivers. The HIP2211 is a next-generation pin-compatible upgrade to the company’s popular ISL2111 bridge driver, while the new HIP2210 provides a tri-level PWM input to simplify power supply and motor drive design. The devices are excellent for 48V telecom power supplies, solar inverters, Class-D audio amplifiers, and UPS inverters. The devices are also rugged enough to power the exacting 48V motor drives found in Li-ion battery-powered household and outdoor devices, water pumps, and cooling fans.

The drivers are intended to function reliably under difficult operating conditions, with the high-speed, high-voltage HS pin tolerating up to -10V continuously and slewing as soon as 50V/ns. Comprehensive under-voltage protection operates in tandem with the HIP2210’s programmable anti-shoot-through protection to assure the driven MOSFETs are not damaged due to power supply or other external fault conditions. The drivers offer strong 3A source, 4A sink drivers with extremely fast 15ns typical propagation delay and 2ns typical delay matching, making them an excellent solution for high-frequency switching applications. Both devices are intended to complement the company's microcontrollers in advanced DC-DC and brushless motor drive systems.

“The innovative HIP221x devices continue our 25-year heritage of developing industry-leading Harris Intelligent Power (HIP) half-bridge drivers, said Philip Chesley, vice president, Industrial and Communications Business Division at Renesas. “Robust noise tolerance, ultra-fast propagation delays, and high system efficiency are some of the key features our customers have come to rely on from our entire range of HIP half-bridge MOSFET drivers.”

By Natasha Shek