Receiver needs no base station to achieve centimetre level accuracy

08-07-2020 | ArduSimple | Subs & Systems

ArduSimple simpleSSR GPS/GNSS RTK receiver enables users to obtain centimetre level accuracy with no need for a base station. Precision farming, survey and mapping, drones and autonomous vehicles can benefit from this technology.

Thanks to u-blox F9 RTK engine, Sapcorda SAPA Premium service and ArduSimple integration and pre-configuration, just power up, wait 1-2 minutes, and receive centimetre precision.

The starter kit (which includes Multiband RTK receiver, SSR receiver, one-year unlimited data package and one-year SAPA Premium license) offers all components required for a plug and play centimetre positioning experience. The accurate position is possible through USB, UART and I2C, and also Bluetooth, WiFi or RS232 with the corresponding accessory.

“ArduSimple’s vision is to make centimetre level GPS/GNSS affordable and accessible to everyone. Removing the hassle of the base station is a key step towards it,” says Josep Olivart, senior consultant at ArduSimple.

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