Power supply controller for battery charger and adapter applications

22-07-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Power

The high-performance Diodes Incorporated AP3781 AC/DC Power Supply Controller, available now from Mouser, is excellent for battery charger and adapter applications, regulating the output voltage and current in the primary side. The device offers PFM in Discontinuous Conduction Mode. The device functions in PFM mode and peak current AM mode to create a fine-tune frequency curve within the whole power range. The device delivers high average efficiency and improves audible noise.

The device provides external adjustable overtemperature protection. Multiple segment AM/PFM control mode improves audio noise and efficiency. Ultra-low undervoltage protection provides a wide operating voltage for power tool motor drive. The device is completely lead-free and fully RoHS compliant,and is a halogen and antimony-free 'green' device.

Typical applications include routers, power tools, set-top box power supplies, smart speakers, and network adaptors.

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