New low power FPGA in small form factor packages

02-07-2020 | Lattice Semiconductor Ltd | Semiconductors

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation has launched the new Lattice Certus-NX family of FPGAs. The devices lead the general-purpose FPGA market in I/O density, giving up to twice the I/O density per mm2 when compared to similar competing FPGAs, and offer best-in-class power savings, reliability, small size, instant-on performance, and support fast PCIe and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to allow data co-processing, signal bridging, and system control. These FPGAs are aimed at a range of applications, from data processing in automated industrial equipment to system management in communications infrastructure. The devices are the second family of FPGAs developed on the Lattice Nexus platform, the industry’s first low power FPGA platform using 28nm FD-SOI process technology. With the launch of the device, the company marks the announcement of the second device family developed under its new product development strategy in only six months.

“Certus-NX delivers unique and innovative capabilities that set it apart,” said Linley Gwennap, principal analyst at The Linley Group. "Compared to competing FPGAs of similar gate counts, Lattice offers a much smaller package, greater I/O density, and lower power."

“Thanks to innovations at the system, architecture, and circuit level in our Lattice Nexus development platform, we are releasing new products at a faster pace and giving our customers more options to choose from as they evaluate the performance and power needs of their applications,” said Gordon Hands, director of Product Marketing, Lattice Semiconductor. “Certus-NX has clearly reset expectations for what developers should look for in general-purpose FPGAs by providing a compelling blend of parallel processing performance and flexible I/O support that enables creative new device designs.”

By Natasha Shek