Modular jacks for fast ethernet applications

07-07-2020 | Wurth | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

W├╝rth Elektronik has extended its family of WR-MJ modular jack products with the launch of RJ45 jacks in the 8P8C layout, designed for usage in Cat6 data lines. These modular jacks are offered in several designs in horizontal and vertical directions and also with an angle of 47.5-degrees, shielded and unshielded, and in several cases with EMI contact fingers. In their layout, the components are compatible with the corresponding Cat5 products.

These new jacks can be employed for cabling LAN systems with transmission rates of up to 10.000Mb/s (acc. to IEEE 802.3). The material employed to produce the contacts is a selectively gold-plated copper alloy, and the isolation satisfies the requirements of flammability class UL94 V-0. The range of operating temperatures of the jacks extends from -40C to +85C.

The new Cat6-compatible products the THT Horizontal Shielded 8P8C Tab Up; THT Horizontal Shielded EMI 8P8C; THT Horizontal Plastic 8P8C Tab Up; THT Vertical Shielded 8P8C; THT Vertical Shielded EMI 8P8C; THT Vertical Plastic 8P8C; THT 47.5-degree 8P8C; THT 47.5-degree Shielded 8P8C.

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