Miniature HV reed relay at the heart of IC test system

17-07-2020 | Pickering | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Pickering Electronics has developed a miniature high voltage relay for use in a new test rig, designed by ON Semiconductor.

When developing the new test rig for ON Semiconductor the company recognised the demand for a reed relay with a stand-off voltage of at least 400VDC, which was also small enough to satisfy its exacting high switching density needs.

In just seven weeks, the company sent out prototypes of a device housed in the mini-SIP package with a footprint of only 12.5mm x 3.7mm and a height of 6.6mm ready to produce a minimum stand-off of 1500V.

Comments Keith Moore, Pickering’s CEO: “Because Pickering has all elements of relay design and manufacture in-house, we are able to respond quickly and effectively to custom requests such as this. In this instance, as so many previously, a special design leads to a new standard product, and so we now offer Series 131 devices – industry’s smallest high voltage reed relays.”

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