High-speed protectors offer fast and precise circuit protection

27-07-2020 | TTI Europe | Passives

Bourns TBU High-Speed Protectors (HSPs) provide fast, precise and durable circuit protection. These devices are available now from TTI Europe.

The devices monitor the current flowing through the line when placed in series in a signal line. Once the line current passes Itrigger, the device’s preset trigger current, the HSP transitions to create an effective barrier to high voltages and currents in less than 1μs. When in the protected state, the HSP limits line current to less than 1mA typically and blocks voltages up to the maximum voltage rating of the device. At the end of a surge event, the device will start the reset process. When the voltage across the device drops below the Vreset level, the device will execute the reset process, and the signal line returns to its normal operating state.

Typical applications include exposed data and sensor interfaces, factory automation, process control equipment, test and measurement equipment, protection modules and dongles, RS-485 interfaces, and AISG 2.0 interfaces.

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