Half-bridge power stage delivers increased power density and efficiency

14-07-2020 | Vishay | Power

Vishay Intertechnology has launched the Vishay Siliconix SiZF300DT, a new 30V n-channel MOSFET half-bridge power stage that connects a high side TrenchFET MOSFET and low side SkyFET MOSFET with an integrated Schottky diode in one compact PowerPAIR 3.3mm x 3.3mm package. For power conversion in computing and telecom applications, the device provides increased power density and efficiency, while decreasing component counts and simplifying designs.

The two MOSFETs in the device are internally connected in a half-bridge configuration. The Channel 1 MOSFET offers maximum on-resistance of 4.5mOhm at 10V and 7mOhm at 4.5V. The Channel 2 MOSFET provides on-resistance of 1.84mOhm at 10V and 2.57mOhm at 4.5V. Typical gate charge for the MOSFETs is 6.9nC and 19.4nC, respectively.

The device is 65% smaller than dual devices in 6mm x 5mm packages with comparable on-resistance, making it one of the most compact integrated products available. The device offers designers a space-saving solution for POL conversion, power supplies, and synchronous buck and DC-DC converters in graphic and accelerator cards, servers, computers, and telecom and RF networking equipment.

The device is 100% Rg and UIS-tested, RoHS-compliant, and halogen-free.

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