Extremely accurate and highly sensitive barometric air pressure sensor

31-07-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Infineon Technologies KP264 XENSIV Digital Barometric Air Pressure (dBAP) Sensor, available now from Mouser, provides an SPI digital interface and allows absolute air pressure measurement. The IC is surface micromachined with a monolithic integrated signal conditioning circuit implemented in BiCMOS technology. This extremely accurate, highly sensitive sensor is excellent for industrial, advanced automotive, and consumer applications.

The sensor transforms pressure into a 10-bit digital value and transmits the information via the SPI interface. Also, a temperature sensor is integrated on-chip. Based on the received SPI command, the 10-bit temperature information can be transmitted through the SPI interface. A distinctive reliability feature is the integrated diagnostic mode, which enables testing the sensor cells and the signal path. This diagnosis can be easily triggered by an SPI command. This device has been principally developed for measuring barometric air pressure, but can also be employed in other application fields.

The device is packaged in a 'green' surface mounted PG-DSOF-8 housing and offer a wide -40C to +125C operating temperature range.

Typical areas of use include automotive applications, industrial control, consumer applications, medical applications, weather stations, and altimeter.

By Natasha Shek