Development platform for developers and hobbyists

14-07-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Design & Manufacture

Seeed Studio BeagleBoard BeagleBone Black, available now from Mouser, is a low-cost, community-supported development platform for hobbyists and developers, providing the Sitara AM3358BZCZ100 ARM Cortex-A8 32-Bit RISC microprocessor from Texas Instruments. The device is similar to the BeagleBone but with some earlier features removed to make way for great new features.

The platform provides a proven track record of promoting innovation from concept to market, and the new platform's enhanced feature set allows developers to turn ideas into prototypes more simply than ever. Whether working standalone or together with another computer, this new device will give developers easy access to industry-standard interfaces and a well-developed ecosystem of software and tools. The original BeagleBone's cape plug-in boards are compatible with the Black, making easy integration with previous projects a further advantage.

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