DC-DC converters for high-performance industrial applications

27-07-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Power

The TRACO Power TEP 40UIR 40W and TEP 60UIR 60W DC-DC Converters, available now from Mouser, are high-performance railway and industrial DC-DC converters with an ultra-wide 12:1 input voltage range ranging from 9VDC to 75VDC or 14VDC to 160VDC, in a compact quarter-brick (2.3" x 1.45" x 0.5") metal package. The ultra-wide input of the device allows the converters to serve as an all-in-one solution if different input voltage ranges require to be included in the same application. This feature resolves the problem of having multiple different converters installed.

An internal circuit implemented in these modules serves to extend the hold-up time with ease, removing the requirement for expensive high-voltage capacitors to include the full input range. With only a 25V capacitor (independent of the input voltage), the whole input spectrum can be covered efficiently.

All models are approved for railway applications, according to EN 50155, EN 61373, and EN 45545-2 as well as IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 approval. The converters provide standard features including high efficiency up to 91%, operating temperature range of -40C to +75C (TEP 60UIR) or +85C (TEP 40UIR), output voltage adjust -20% to +10% and an I/O-isolation voltage of 3000VAC.

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