Customised heatsinks provide optimum thermal management

30-07-2020 | Anglia | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Anglia Components now provides customised heatsinks as part of its Inception range to complement its extensive range of standard thermal management solutions.

Customised heatsinks prove invaluable where standard products are not ideal for a design, such as when a particular thermal performance is demanded or where there is not enough space to fit a standard product. Heatsinks can be customised on surface finish, tapping, milling, drilling patterns, custom length and shapes with a variety of anodised colours or bare finishes. Pre-applied thermal interface materials can also be selected as an option. These make production processing and material management far easier.

Commenting on the custom service, David Pearson, technical director of Anglia, commented: “Where thermal management is concerned, finding the perfect fit for a design is crucial. This is an increasing challenge for designers. The reduced size of electronics both increases the concentration of heat and makes it harder to find space for heat sinks and other standard heat dissipation solutions. Meeting the thermal demands of an application is critical to ensure the long-term reliability of the product, and therefore Anglia is pleased to provide customised solutions that will help meet these demands.”

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