Buck-boost battery chargers deliver 50% greater power density

28-07-2020 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments offers what is claimed to be the industry’s smallest buck-boost battery charger integrated circuits, which integrate power-path management for maximum power density, plus universal and fast charging at up to 97% efficiency. The BQ25790 and BQ25792 provide efficient charging and ten times lower quiescent current through USB Type-C and USB PD ports in small personal electronics, portable medical devices and building automation applications.

The devices provide the flexibility to charge batteries with one to four cells in a series and up to 5A of charging current over the entire input-voltage range (3.6V to 24V) for USB Type-C and USB PD applications. The chargers’ integrated dual-input selector supports multiple power sources, which includes USB, wireless, barrel jack and solar charging while giving fast charging – 97% efficiency at 30W.

Universal charging allows portable medical devices, such as blood-pressure monitors and low-power CPAP machines, to charge from car adapters or USB-PD adapters, delivering a new level of flexibility and convenience to portable medical devices. OTG charging is supported with a bi-directional operation for forward and reverse charging.

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