Automate capacity counting for high foot-traffic spaces

28-07-2020 | FLIR Systems | Test & Measurement

FLIR Systems now offers the FLIR Occupancy Management Solution for FLIR Brickstream 3D Gen2 to automate occupancy counting in high-traffic and capacity-limited areas. To maintain social distancing guidelines through and following the COVID-19 pandemic, the solution offers organisations an easy-to-use, real-time capacity counting and display tool for multiple entries and exits.

“Many organisations are manually measuring occupancy, but this process is often inaccurate, cumbersome and expensive,” said Paul Clayton, general manager, Components Business at FLIR Systems. “FLIR addressed this challenge by introducing a cost-effective, scalable, self-contained, and automated monitoring solution suitable for a variety of locations from grocery stores, stadiums, theatres, transportation hubs, to manufacturing plants, and office spaces.”

The solution is platform agnostic with an integrated IoT architecture, which can be achieved within existing Wi-Fi access points, allowing a complete edge-based solution with the Brickstream 3D Gen2 hardware. The solution offers a simple display dashboard for capacity updates that can be observed by staff or customers on devices with a web browser. It may be employed as a stand-alone or integrated into current perimeter systems, making it excellent for most environments where occupancy must be strictly managed.

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