Ultra-low power microcontroller does not compromise battery life

08-06-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Maxim Integrated MAX32670 Ultra-Low Power, High-Reliability, 32-bit Microcontroller uses designs with complex sensor processing but does not compromise battery life. The device couples a flexible and adaptable power management unit, with the powerful Arm Cortex-M4 processor, which includes the FPU. The 32-bit microcontroller also gives a cost-optimal upgrade path from eight or 16-bit microcontrollers employing legacy designs.

The microcontroller combines up to 384KB of flash and 160KB of SRAM, providing application and sensor code. Ultra-reliable code execution for critical applications is assured through ECC. ECC is capable of SEC-DED and is executed over the entire flash, RAM, and cache. The device provides further features with two windowed watchdog timers with fully flexible and independent clocking to additionally enhance reliable operation. Moreover, the device assures proper operation through power-down and power-up events and unexpected supply transients with brown-out detection.

The device offers 3.4MHz I2C, 50MHz SPI, and 4MBAUD UARTs, plus other multiple high-speed peripherals to maximise communication bandwidth.

The microcontroller packs all this capability in 5mm x 5mm 40-pin TQFN-EP and 1.7mm x 2.2mm 24-bump WLP packages.

Typical applications include smart sensor controller, industrial sensors, optical communication modules, secure radio modem controller, battery-powered medical devices, system housekeeping controller, and algorithm coprocessor.