SuperGaN FETs enable AC/DC bridgeless totem-pole PFC designs

24-06-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Transphorm Gen IV SuperGaN FETs, available now from Mouser are normally-off devices that allow the AC/DC bridgeless totem-pole PFC designs. These FETs feature high voltage GaN HEMT with a low voltage silicon MOSFET and offer superior reliability and performance. The Gen IV SuperGaN platform is supplied with advanced epi and patented design technologies that ease manufacturability. This design technology enhances efficiency over silicon with a low gate charge, crossover loss, output capacitance, and reverse recovery charge. These Gen IV FETs are offered in two variants like TP65H035G4WS that comes in three-lead TO-247 package and TP65H300G4LSG an 8x8 PQFN package.

The FETs feature JEDEC-qualified GaN technology and robust design, defined by a wide gate safety margin, transient over-voltage capability, enhanced inrush current capability; very low QRR, and reduced crossover loss. The device enables AC/DC bridgeless totem-pole PFC designs with increased power density, reduced system size and weight, and overall lower system cost. The devices achieve increased efficiency in both hard and soft switched circuits and are easy to drive with commonly-used gate drivers. The GSD pin layout improves high-speed design.

Typical applications for the TP65H035G4WS include datacom, broad industrial, PV inverters, and servo motors. The TP65H300G4LSG applications include consumer devices, power adapters, low power SMPS, and lighting.

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