New indicator buzzers offer tight frequency tolerances

29-06-2020 | CUI | Subs & Systems

CUI Devices’ Audio Group has introduced its new magnetic and piezo indicator buzzers with tight frequency tolerances of ±100Hz. Due to their narrow frequency range, these audio indicators provide added frequency stability that is not influenced by temperature or voltage, while producing more consistent tones and sounds in an end application. That makes them a very reliable solution for medical, smart home, and security applications that demand greater tone consistency.

With a built-in driving circuit, these magnetic and piezo buzzers feature SPLs of 80dB, 85dB, or 88dB at 10cm, rated frequencies of 2400Hz, 2700Hz, or 4000Hz, and rated voltages of 3VDC, 5VDC, or 12VDC. The models additionally provide through-hole mounting styles and are housed in compact packages with diameters as little as 9.6mm and profile depths as low as 5mm. These audio indicators also provide an operating temperature range from -30C up to 70C and are wave solder compatible.

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