New eBook explores growing importance of energy storage solutions

03-06-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Mouser has a new eBook in collaboration with Analog Devices, which highlights Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and the crucial role they will play in the evolving smart energy infrastructure. In 'Energy Storage Solutions: Saving Power for the Future', experts from Analog Devices plunge deep into key energy storage technologies and their applications over industries incorporating healthcare and automotive manufacturing.

The new eBook provides a detailed analysis of the usage of battery management technologies in healthcare energy storage systems, illustrating how ESS can increase reliability and efficiency in an industry that is dependent on uninterrupted power supplies. The eBook also highlights an article on Analog Devices’ iCoupler devices and their appropriateness for solar photovoltaic applications, with convenient links and buying information for its products such as the ADuM4122 isolated gate drivers. The new eBook also investigates the importance of ESS in EVs, examining the role of advanced battery formation and test systems in scaling electric vehicle manufacturing.

As well as links and ordering information for 12 ADI energy and power management products, the eBook also offers engineers with useful diagrams, infographics, and embedded video content.

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