Memory card has automatic data refresh function for high data retention

29-06-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Panasonic GA Series 2D MLC NAND microSDHC Memory Card, available now from Mouser, offers an automatic data refresh function for high data retention, making it excellent for applications that need unpowered memory cards for extended periods. The consumer plus-grade 8GB card employs a highly reliable 64Gb NAND die in 2D MLC form, which provides a low risk of end of life or BOM changes. The MLC flash is extremely reliable and offers over 2000 program cycles per block. Other card features comprise Class 10, UHS-1 U1 high-speed performance, and data transfer rates of up to 85mb/s in SDR104 mode.

The card employs static wear levelling, and once a data block passes a certain program count, written data is swapped to a static (less worn) data block. This enhanced efficiency improves the read/write life of the card.

The memory card withstands 10,000 mating cycles and is formatted to comply with the SD card specification.

Typical applications include medical/healthcare, building automation and security, test and measurement, lighting/visual, and power utilities.

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