Low power optocoupler combines LED and high gain photodetector

26-06-2020 | RS Components | Semiconductors

The ON Semiconductor 3mA low power optocoupler, available now from RS Components, supports an isolated interface to intelligent power module communicating digitally to control signal from the controller to the IPM without conducting ground loops or hazardous voltage. The device has a six-pin small-outline plastic package, and it comprises an aluminium gallium arsenide LED and an integrated high gain photodetector.

These optocouplers are frequently employed in high-voltage applications to prevent high voltages and variations in voltage. This guarantees that, if a spike occurs in one part of a circuit, it will not affect other parts. Consequently, these devices are excellent for applications which could experience variations in voltage.

This device offers 20kV/s minimum CMTI, with high voltage insulation. The industrial temperature range is -40C to 100C.

By Natasha Shek