IPMs ideal for industrial automation, fans and pump applications

17-06-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Subs & Systems

ON Semiconductor NFAQ0860L3x Intelligent Power Modules are three-phase inverter modules featuring a high-voltage driver, six IGBTs, and a thermistor. This sensor is ideal for driving PMS motors, BLDC motors, and AC asynchronous motors. The IGBT’s are configured in a three-phase bridge with separate emitter connections for the lower legs to provide maximum flexibility in selecting the control algorithm. These IPMs offer built-in UVP, adjustable OCP, and cross conduction protection.

The modules incorporate an ITRIP input to shut down IGBTs and integrated bootstrap diodes and resistors. These modules function at -40C to 125C temperature range. The modules operate at 450V supply voltage and 600V collector-emitter voltage.

These modules are excellent for employment in industrial appliances, industrial fans, industrial pumps, and industrial automation.

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